the interdisciplinary piano
by Tricia Dawn Williams

TRANSITION is a portrait of the avant-garde piano that stretches almost one hundred years of repertoire. Each piece on the programme breaks new ground as each composer navigates through uncharted waters to depict a new profile for the instrument.

TRANSITION is a unique experience that transform the piano recital into an interdisciplinary performance featuring motion capture technology, video-art, electronic music and extended piano technique.


SUSPENSIONS for piano & EMG sensors by Atau Tanaka

POUNDING for piano & video by Ruben Zahra

THE VOICE OF LIR by Henry Cowell

PIANO COUNTERPOINT for piano and tape by Steve Reich

TRANSIT for piano and video by Michel Van der Aa

MAKROKOSMOS for amplified piano by George Crumb

“Dawn's performances are exciting, surprising and beautifully crafted. Grounded in mastery there is always an edge of fun and mischief. It has been worth following her live performances across the globe”

Dane Ropa - NSW Department of Education & Training and University of Sydney

In the press

“Meeting the sorceress of the new piano”

ENCORE Arts & Culture magazine (Mar – May 2016)


“Performing with zest and energy”

The Sunday Times of Malta (10 Sep 2017)


“Dawn Williams has established herself as a leading pianist when it comes to contemporary repertoire”

The Sunday Times of Malta (3 Nov 2013)